Remember to pack your pen well. The best method is to use a piece of PVC pipe (available at your local hardware store or lumber yard). Place your pen in some paper towel or thin bubble wrap, then in the PVC pipe, then place that in a sturdy box. This will ensure you will not receive back a damaged pen. The picture below shows the PVC pipe with end caps that are also available which can eliminate the fear of the pen sliding out during rough treatment, but also prevent liquids spilled on your package from getting to your pens. This is the armored car of shipping methods.

Once you have the pen in the pipe, wrap that in bubble wrap, place it in a nice box, pack it well, then be sure to mark the box as fragile. Insurance on your package should be obvious if the pen is something you would rather not loose.

Please note that I am not responsible for poorly packaged item. If you pack the item well to me, I will use your packing to ship it back.
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