Use only ink manufactured for fountain pen use.  India Ink or drawing ink is not safe for use in your fountain pens.

Never force a filling mechanism.  If a lever or button is stuck, forcing it may damage the lever, lever box or crack the barrel.  If a Vacumatic plunger is stuck forcing it may damage the filling unit.

Don't soak a hard rubber pen in water, it will discolor the material.

Don't leave your pens in a hot car, it won't take long for the ink to expand and you will find a leaking pen.

Here is a list of simple guidelines to help you maintain your pen in perfect writing condition:

Q: Can I leave ink in my pen when I am not using it?

A: Yes, for short periods. You should never leave ink in an unused pen for long periods of time; say in excess of a couple of weeks. This can cause the ink to dry on the nib and make it difficult if not impossible to get writing without a repair.

Q: How should I clean my pen?

A: Cleaning ink out of your pen is accomplished by filling and dispelling water until the water runs clear (or mostly clear).  Let the pen dry overnight uncapped.  If you need to clean the outside of your pen use a soft damp cloth (but never on hard rubber) and wipe with a dry cloth.

Q. How do I store my pens?

 A.  Be careful of storing your pens in leather cases for a long period of time the oils from the leather or the tanning solution can discolor your fine pens.  Sometimes the elastic which hold the pens to the case can also breakdown over time and damage yours pens. Keeping your pens out of direct light and sunlight is also a good idea.

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